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After I moved into a new home, I realized that there were some real problems with our garage door. It didn't always open easily, and when it did, it seemed to have issues closing all the way. I knew that we had to do something, so I started looking around for a place that offered garage door service. I was able to find an incredible business that offered garage door sales and service, and they helped us to find replacement parts that could resolve the issues. This blog is all about keeping your garage door working well and avoiding repair costs in the long run.


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Keeping Your Garage Door Working

3 Reasons To Install A Garage Door With Windows

by Perry Wilson

Access to a garage is something that most homeowners desire. A garage provides you with an enclosed and secured area where you can store outdoor equipment or tools and park your vehicle when it's not in use.

A garage door is a major part of any garage design. You have many options available to you when it comes to selecting a replacement door for your garage.

If you haven't considered a garage door equipped with windows, here are three reasons why you should.

1. Improve Your Home's Curb Appeal

The way that your home's exterior looks can have a direct impact on the overall value of your property.

A garage door is one of the most visible design elements on a home's exterior. This means that you want your garage door to enhance the overall architecture and design of your home, not detract from it.

A garage door that is fitted with windows will blend more readily with the rest of your home's exterior. This improves the curb appeal of your home and helps your property become more appealing to potential buyers in the future.

2. Increase Ventilation in the Garage

Most garage spaces are not connected to a home's HVAC system. Without the air conditioner or furnace to help move air throughout the space, a garage can quickly become a dank and stuffy place to spend time.

A garage door that includes windows can help you increase the amount of ventilation that exists within your garage. You can open the windows when the garage door is in the closed position to allow air from the outside to ventilate the interior of the garage.

Using windows to increase air movement can make your garage a more comfortable and functional space.

3. Add Natural Light to Your Garage

Modern garages typically don't have any windows incorporated into their walls.

Many homeowners find that they are able to reduce their monthly energy costs simply by installing a garage door with windows. Natural light can not enter a windowless garage, which requires you to rely on electric lights every time you enter the garage.

Replacing your old garage door with a new one that has built-in windows can eliminate some of your electrical use.

Windows let in natural light that can illuminate your garage space. The natural light that streams in through garage door windows can also help to heat your garage space during the cool winter months. 

If you would like to learn more about your options for new garage doors, contact a specialist today.