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After I moved into a new home, I realized that there were some real problems with our garage door. It didn't always open easily, and when it did, it seemed to have issues closing all the way. I knew that we had to do something, so I started looking around for a place that offered garage door service. I was able to find an incredible business that offered garage door sales and service, and they helped us to find replacement parts that could resolve the issues. This blog is all about keeping your garage door working well and avoiding repair costs in the long run.


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Keeping Your Garage Door Working

Knowing When It Is Time To Replace Your Garage Door

by Perry Wilson

While many homeowners tend to overlook the importance of their garage door, the truth is that this door can have a huge impact on the curb appeal of your home, as well as on the overall security of your home. That is why it is so important for you to be able to spot when it is time to replace your garage door. Thankfully, the warning signs outlined below can help to alert you when the time for garage door replacement does arrive.

Your Garage Door Has Become Louder

While garage doors are not exactly known for their whisper-quiet operation, your door should not become much louder over the years than the day you bought it. If your door has become significantly louder over time or if you experience a sudden increase in noises such as squealing or grinding noise, this can indicate that parts have become either worn or broken. When encountering this specific warning sign, it is important that you contact a garage door installation contractor as soon as possible to inquire about having your door either repaired or replaced. Failing to address this issue quickly could result in a safety hazard since broken or worn-out parts can cause your garage door to fall. 

You Are Experiencing Extreme Temperatures Inside Your Garage

As your garage door gets older, you can experience issues with the insulation it provides. If you have found that your garage is becoming extremely hot during the summer months or extremely cold during the winter months, this is a good indication that your garage door is reaching the end of its lifespan and will need to be replaced soon. The good news is garage door replacement will allow you to take advantage of the many energy-efficient models that the market now has to offer. Not only will this result in a more comfortable environment within your garage, but it can also help to keep your home's heating and cooling costs down if you have an attached garage. 

Your Garage Door Has Suffered Multiple Dents Or Other Damage Over The Years

While a few minor dents in your garage door will likely go unnoticed and are truly nothing more than a cosmetic issue, multiple dents or other areas of damage can impact the ability of your door to function properly. Therefore, if your garage door has suffered damage over the years, you will want to consider having the door replaced before this damage begins to impact the functionality of the door. 

Reach out to a professional for garage door replacement services.