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After I moved into a new home, I realized that there were some real problems with our garage door. It didn't always open easily, and when it did, it seemed to have issues closing all the way. I knew that we had to do something, so I started looking around for a place that offered garage door service. I was able to find an incredible business that offered garage door sales and service, and they helped us to find replacement parts that could resolve the issues. This blog is all about keeping your garage door working well and avoiding repair costs in the long run.


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Keeping Your Garage Door Working

3 Important Care Steps To Take That Can Prevent Costly Residential Garage Door Repairs

by Perry Wilson

If your home has an automatic garage door, it's important to care for it regularly. Otherwise, you'll have to deal with costly repairs often, which may cause you a lot of stress. Preventing repairs is pretty easy with residential garage doors when you take the following steps. 

Inspect Rollers Often

The rollers are one of the more important parts on your garage door because they help your garage door move along the tracks up at the top of your garage. Get in the habit of inspecting them thoroughly every couple of months. 

Start by disengaging the motor. You wouldn't want to accidentally make the door start moving and have the rollers crush your fingers, after all. Scan all sides for structural imperfections, such as cracks and chunks missing. If you notice any structural issues, it's important to find a replacement as soon as possible. 

Apply Lubrication to Moving Parts

The garage door goes up and down quite a lot in the course of a year. This constant motion can cause moving parts to wear down, which you need to counteract by lubricating them with the appropriate products.

Lubrication will create less friction when the garage door moves, which ultimately allows moving parts to last much longer. You then can save money on part repairs and replacements. Just make sure you use a lubricant designed specifically for garage door parts. It shouldn't have a sticky consistency because that can cause dirt to collect on parts and then hinder their performance. 

Keep Hinges And Track Hardware Tight

As mentioned up above, your garage door components experience a lot of vibration when the door is activated. Naturally, some of the components will start coming loose. You thus need to proactively inspect and tighten them if they've become loose so that you can prevent significant damage.

Pay particular attention to the hinges and track hardware, as these components tend to get the most vibrations each day. Go around with a socket wrench and tighten any loose nuts and bolts. Make sure you're gentle when tightening them so that you don't cause unnecessary damage. 

Having an automatic garage door is extremely convenient as it makes getting inside the garage effortless. That being said, these garage doors do require more maintenance than a manual garage door. Fortunately, taking care of one isn't that difficult. You just need to know what parts and systems to care for. That way, you can circumvent a lot of costly repairs. 

For more information on residential garage doors, contact a garage door repair company.