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Keeping Your Garage Door Working

Five Things To Consider When Having A Large Garage Door Added To A Storage Bay

by Perry Wilson

When you own a construction company, there are often large, oversized pieces of equipment that you will need to store from time to time. You can have a large bay created to store the equipment in, but you need to be sure to have the right door added to the bay to ensure that the equipment is easy to get in and out of it. The guide below walks you through a few things to consider when choosing a garage door for a large storage bay.

Door Size

You first need to consider how large you need the door to be. It is best to measure the pieces of equipment you plan to store in the bay so that you can be sure the door you choose is large enough for them to pass through. Choose a door that provides you with at least a foot or two of extra clearance just in case you invest in larger pieces of equipment later on down the road.


Next, you need to determine if you want the door to be insulated or not. If your workers will work on the equipment inside of the bay, having the door insulated will help to maintain a comfortable temperature inside of the bay when they work on the equipment.


Some people choose to have windows built into the large doors that they have on their storage bays. Windows allow natural light to enter into the storage bay, which can make it easier to see things inside of it when the door is closed.

Door Security

When you have a large door on the storage bay, you need to be able to secure it. There are some doors that secure from the inside of the bay and some that secure from the exterior of the bay. Determine which option you feel will best suit your company and have it added to the door.

How The Door Will Open

Finally, you need to determine how you want the door to open. Do you want to have to open it manually with a pull chain or do you want it to operate with an automatic opener at the push of a button? Both options are available with larger doors.

After considering all of these factors, you will be ready to choose the perfect door for your storage bay. It is best to hire professionals to install the door for you since it is going to be so large in size. For more information, contact a business such as Duncan Door Service Inc